If you have been smoking tobacco or know someone who does, especially if they are being affected by cough due to prolonged tobacco smoking, you would probably have heard of “smoker’s cough”. Similarly, those who smoke marijuana and have coughs that linger for years are known to have “cannabis cough”. Those who are common users of marijuana do have a tickling feel at the back of their throat, which prompts them to cough as they smoke marijuana. Among the marijuana users, it is often debated on the possibility of getting high when one coughs as they smoke marijuana. However, this possibility has not been backed by any researches to assert its validity.

What does Coughing do to Your Body While Smoking Marijuana?

When someone coughs while smoking marijuana, in a quite huge burst, the air is expelled out from the lungs. One gets high by inhaling the smoke from a marijuana joint and therefore the possibility of getting high from merely coughing is ruled out. Nevertheless, the act of smoking marijuana and coughing is interrelated. This is generally the case for new smokers who are yet to get used to breathing in the air while smoking.

The urge to cough comes from the need of the lungs to expel out irritants, which are very fine particles of liquid in the marijuana smoke itself that irritates the lungs. On the other hand, a smoker’s lung, as well as heat capacity too, can lead to the act of coughing. Apart from the tiny liquid particles that act as an irritant, the lungs are also sensitive towards heat. This aggravates the effects of coughing fits due to smoking. In order to counter the effects, a water-based inhalation system, like a bong, can be used for smoking. Apart from that, inhaling a great amount of smoke at one time will result in a cough as the lungs try to exhale the irritants and heat out.

Apart from mere cough, coughing fits may result in a greater sense of high while smoking marijuana.

How Is It Possible to Get High Through Coughing Fits?

It is said that when you have a cannabis cough, the urge to cough initiated by your body is the point where your body starts to get high. When smokers take a long deep inhalation, it prompts a large intake of smoke that contains greater THC and cannabinoids.

Apart from that, there is a chance of coughing fit leading smokers to sputter, whereby it results in prolonged lung compression. When the brain does not get sufficient oxygen, it causes smokers to feel as though they are high. This is because, when blood pressure reduces, smokers feel dizzy, which is one of the feelings smokers get when they are high from smoking marijuana.

As a whole, the debate on whether or not smokers get high by coughing is still speculation at large. However, what is certain is the fact that when a smoker has prolonged cough while smoking, it is an indication from the body asking the smokers to slow down.

Here are some of the ways you can alleviate the cough:

1) Add Healing Tea into Your Diet

You probably would have come across this trick before this. This traditional remedy has been around for quite a long time now, proving its effectiveness for coughs. All you need to do is to infuse your warm tea with honey and lemon, along with sage and thyme.

It is very useful to have it warm, as the warm water helps in easing your throat that has the phlegm built-up. Lemon has Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps you in detoxifying the smoke you inhaled. Honey, on the other hand, acts as an antibacterial agent that lines the dry throat. Sage has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, whereas thyme’s antispasmodic properties reduce the intensity of the cough.

2) Elevate Your Head When Sleeping

Again, this is something that you would have heard of, but probably not practiced as much as you should when you have cannabis cough. Simply add one more pillow when you sleep so that your head is elevated, in order to help the mucus run downwards and preventing it from blocking your airways.

3) Add Ginger to Your Diet and Drinks

If you would like to enhance the goodness of your herbal tea, you can add ginger into it, to help you heal faster. Ginger is good for any type of cough, be it wet or dry cough. Gingerol in ginger is the substance responsible to reduce inflammation in the body.

4) Have A Steam Bath

Who doesn’t love a steam bath? You also get to have a quiet me-time and heal yourself from the cough. Here is how it works. Fill your bathtub with mint leaves and eucalyptus. This creates a healing atmosphere which is very pleasant. Take a deep breath in, and you will start to relax. The expectorant nature of the eucalyptus helps in eliminating mucus. It works well for those suffering from sinus, asthma, and bronchitis as well. It dilates the blood vessels to help you inhale more oxygen.

5) More Water and Exercise

When you exercise, you help your body take in more oxygen, which is much needed for your body to heal. The lungs also get help in spreading the phlegm more evenly so that the body would not be producing more of it in the long run.

As you drink more water and sweat, you excrete toxins, enabling the harmful substances from marijuana to exit the body. This fits well for everyone, regardless of whether one is an active smoker of marijuana or not. We all should be drinking sufficient water and exercise to keep our body healthy and fit, which is how the body fights against the unwanted foreign substances that enter the body through alcohol and smoke.

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