We vacuum seal and courier deliver all of our products. All charges appear under EKP. The packaging is a plain envelope for your privacy. You do not need to sign for delivery unless your order is over $500 or you request it under special instructions

Monday to Thursday orders placed before 4:00pm with a value over $100 arrive within one to two business days. Orders with a value under a $100 arrive in one to three business days. Fridays: Orders placed before 4:00pm with a value over $100 will arrive Saturday or Monday depending on your location. Weekends: All orders placed Saturday or Sunday will ship on Monday and will arrive in one to three business days, depending on your order value.

We don’t ship to other states other than California. If you need delivery and are from any other state please contact us and we will refer you to our affiliated providers.


We don’t do any exchanges or returns, all orders are final.

If your item is defective, please contact us before leaving a review. We will be happy to help you and give you a quick solution.

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If you are 21 and older and within our delivery areas in California, you can order recreational adult-use and medical cannabis from Nature’s Way Delivery. Proposition 64 made recreational use of cannabis legal in California for anyone 21 or over. Nature’s Way needs to verify your age through a valid state-issued ID or passport before we can deliver adult-use cannabis to you in California. You must be present to receive your delivery, and must show an ID to reverify your age upon delive

It’s easy to join! Sign up now and enter in all of your information as prompted. Before we can fulfill any cannabis delivery orders, you must submit a valid state-issued ID or passport that shows you are 21 years of age or older.

Cannabis use and possession is legal in California as long as the individual is 21 years if age or older. Nature’s Way Delivery is a licensed recreational cannabis delivery service in California (C9-18-0000145-TEMP). Cannabis is a controlled substance according to the federal government.

Orders placed anytime before 4:00 PM on weekdays arrive in 2-3 business day. Your cannabis delivery will usually arrive between 6 AM and 5 PM.  Any orders placed after 4:00 PM will be shipped as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee your order will arrive in 2-business days. Saturday delivery is available for orders placed on Thursday, and orders placed over the weekend going to certain parts of Southern California may be delivered on Monday. For more detailed information about cannabis delivery, see Nature’s Way Delivery Policy.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible if there is a problem with your cannabis delivery. Please contact us at or leave us a message in our chat box, if the delivery has not arrived within the expected window of time. We can track cannabis deliveries, help fix possible problems or errors in the delivery, or help address issues with the received cannabis products.

We cannot give you medical advice, and we do not have any certified medical professionals on staff. We can only give you non-professional personal opinions and anecdotes about what types of medical marijuana MAY have helped us. It is important to seek professional advice from a physician on how to treat your medical condition, with or without cannabis. None of the information presented by Nature’s Way Delivery is meant as an alternative or substitute to professional medical advice

The State of California requires that all of the cannabis products we offer at Nature’s Way Delivery be taxed at the sales tax rate of the cannabis delivery location. The estimated sales tax is a rough approximation of your sales tax owed, but may be adjusted up or down according to where you are located once the order is processed. If you are a medical marijuana patient, you can become exempted from some cannabis taxes if you have an MMIC issued by your local County Department of Health.

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