11362.51, I am legally able to use, possess, and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. I understand that I am allowed to do so through safe and affordable access such as the type provided by Nature’s Way.

I, therefore, designate Nature’s Way as my care provider for this purpose In doing so I agree to follow all Nature’s Way rules and regulations regarding their services. I authorize Nature’s Way to create and /or assign agency rights in its own name for the purpose of growing medication and/or obtaining edible and concentrate forms of medication for my benefit.

I agree under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State in which I reside that a medical doctor recommended or approved for my medical use. I hereby verify that I am a US resident and my personal medical marijuana will not be taken out of the state.

I agree it will not be shared, sold, bartered, traded, exchanged, or delivered in any other means to any other person. I appoint and designate Nature’s Way and their representatives, as my true and lawful agents for the limited purpose of assisting me in obtaining my legally prescribed medicinal marijuana. Any ramifications that may arise I take full responsibility as the purchaser from this website.

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