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Green crack is a cross between Skunk#1 super Sativa seed club and Afghani Landrace. The original breeder Cecil C named it Cush but Snoop Dogg renamed it Green Crack. It has a balanced Sativa dominant effect.

One of the best bloom vapes to start your morning with is this strain Give your energy level a jolt with this bloom cart. Focus all your energy on a relaxed state of both the body and mind. Our Green crack bloom carts will provide you with long-lasting positive energy. It is one of the best bloom carts to get high in the daytime. You will be able to fully focus on your task at hand with the highest quality premium cartridge we offer. This bloom vape will keep you energized and uplifted with a lot of fun. This bloom vape is perfect for enhancing imagination power

1 review for Bloom – Green Crack – Sativa

  1. Robert Ridenour

    Robert Ridenour

    Best Sativa dominant cartridge I’ve had in quite a while. Taste like cotton candy and mango. Excellent for daytime use but too much will leave you in a haze πŸ™‚

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