Plastic Cartridge – Candy Jack 1ml


Candy Jack is mostly sativa dominant and gives a swift boost to your mood with a sweet, citrus aroma. This strain is very fragrant the smell is inherited from its Skunk #1 parent.

  • 1ml  510-threaded pre-filled Cartridge
  • Disposable
  • 100% Solvent-free distillate
  • Cannabis derived terpene

Candy Jack Cartridge

Candy Jack is known to release a calm and focused effect stemming from its other parent Jack Herer while it has a complex terpene profile it may impress the most hardened connoisseur. Candy Jack is known to counter stress, depression, and stimulate appetite loss. This strain has a very strong reputation in the cannabis world due to its Jack Herer linage.

Strain Attributes: Effects/Medical

Strain Attributes
Effects: Happy, Energetic, Uplifted, Creative, and Euphoric,
Medical: Depression, Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite, and Fatigue


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