Cookies and Cream 100mg THC


Cookies and Cream brings you the best of the crunchy chewy texture and the creamy sweetness flavors that everybody loves! The chocolate cookies that are filled with cream, crispy rice cereal melted marshmallows, and topped with white cookies will make you want more.

Fill your day with all the uplifting energy and relaxing effect the cookies have to offer!

Cookies and Cream 100mg THC

Cookies and Cream is a cookie that has both the crunchy-chewy texture and the creamy sweetness. It leaves you wanting more! With 100 mg of THC infused with the cookies for every package, it just makes the users feel like on the top of the world. The moderate amount of THC present in the cookies is good for both new and seasonal consumers. Each package offers both recreational and also medicinal benefits that are hard to resist.


Cookies and Cream are usually used for recreational purpose as the creamy texture, topped with melted marshmallow look perfect for a leisure-time consumption. Nevertheless, it has become prevalent among patients depending on cannabis products in their healing process. Imagine having a bunch of friends coming over to your house for a party night. You would definitely want to serve them these cookies as they would have an energetic yet relaxed time. At the office, these cookies serve as an energy booster for those having long working hours. Consuming these make them feel productive and creative. This is because the THC in it stimulates the brain function.

Medicinal Benefits

It is a common misconception that the Cookies and Cream only serve as recreational cookies. Users now also comprise of patients who consume the cookies in order ease their chronic pain. Some even turn to these as an attempt to reduce their stress level. The cookies have been proven effective in many cases to reduce anxiety successfully. The head-high strain comes into effect within a short period of time. Apart from that, patients having eating disorders find their appetite improved after consuming these cookies.


While seasonal users may not feel anything obvious as a side effect, the new users may be affected by the negative effects of consuming THC. Some of them can experience paranoia due to increased activity of the brain. Therefore, new users should consume the cookies with caution.





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