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Koh Samui Super Strain or popularly known as KSSS is a mushroom native to the Koh Samui island in Thailand. The version of the ​​Koh Samui Super Strain sold on NaturesWay is a domesticated version. It is more resistive to contamination and at the same time is better balanced for giving you a better high.

KSSS are famous for their high potency. If you’ve consumed any other cubensis strains, you’ll find that this is much more potent than those. This means that you might want to watch the dosage if you’re a first time user. It takes upto 30 for the effects of the strain to kick-in. Once it starts, you’ll find yourself flying high. Our customers love it and have reported seeing colors, visuals, and feeling ecstatic.

Generally,  Samui Strain trips last somewhere between 3 to 6 hours. This is if the dose is kept between 0.5g to 3.5g. This mushroom is purely for recreational purposes and we do not endorse it for any medical benefits.

You can try our Koh Samui Super Strain at any time of the day and if you really want to have a crazy party, we highly recommend taking a microdose half an hour before it starts. The party would feel much more alive.


We only source our products from trusted suppliers who we’ve been working with for years. We routinely test our products at independent labs to ensure purity and consistent taste. Moreover, each Koh Samui Super Strain (KSSS) bag we ship is inspected by human beings for quality. We stand by our product because we value your trust.

Make sure you buy a couple because your stash won’t last long. Most customers order these on a regular basis because of their potency and effect and they sell like hotcakes..


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It’s important to learn about your tolerance if you’ve never had these Koh Samui Super Strain before. We highly recommend starting slowly. You can begin with microdose and wait 45 minutes to an hour to get that hit. Don’t go all in the first time.

We DO NOT recommend taking these before going for a drive as they may induce sleep for first-time users.

2 reviews for KSSS – Koh Samui Super Strain – 3.5 gr

  1. Lenny Santagata

    Lenny Santagata (verified owner)

    Excellent. Great body high accompanied by amazing, intense visuals. Absolutely Beautiful. Words cannot describe.. Definitely will buy again.

  2. Ryan G. cue

    Ryan G. cue

    I couldn’t get the dosage just right but I’m definitely going to keep experimenting until I do. By no means do I have anything negative to report!! Keep on smiling ✌️!!

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