Kushy Punch – Hybrid (Tropical Punch) 100mg


KushyPunch’s 100mg Tropical Punch hybrid gum that blends both the Sativa and Indica’s goodness are just about the right fit for those looking for a head-high effect for a relaxing effect, whether it is for a recreational purpose or as a medical treatment.

It is free from GMO, peanuts, dairy, gluten and fat products. As natural colors and flavors are used, this gum is low in sugar and calorie.

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Kushy Punch Hybrid

Kushy Punch – Hybrid (Tropical Punch) 100mg

Kushy Punch is a popular gummy that is prevalent in California, where the headquarters of Kushy Punch is located at. Its hybrid tropical punch flavor has a very pleasant tropical punch. This is due to its origin from Indica and Sativa. This flavor has gained popularity over the course of five years. It is famous for its body-relaxing effects that also induces creativity and happiness. Users often choose this flavor over the others as it is more refreshing. It also leaves users feeling motivated and blissful.


The Kushy Punch has 10mg THC and 0.1mg CBD for every serving. The Tropical Punch hybrid of Sativa and Indica is a great choice for recreational users to unwind and relax. Interestingly, this product is free from butane. The gums are hand-made. When making the gums, the extract goes through an oil filtering process that has three steps. This is to ensure that extract obtained has a maximum purity level. It is also free of artificial sweeteners. Nevertheless, diabetes patients should be cautious as it comprises of starch and organic lemon. It will take at least about an hour before the effect of the gums kick in. Therefore, it is advised to wait and watch if users need to increase the intake.

Medicinal benefits

This flavor of Kushy Punch is known to relieve pain. It is quickly becoming patients’ choice to relieve pain ranging from muscle soreness and mild stress. This product has been subjected to criticism in the past. Nevertheless, the company is quickly overcoming the critics. It is now using the third-party lab service to test its output batch by batch. This has greatly helped in gaining the trust of patients around California.


It is not advisable to increase the intake of Tropical Punch, as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the gums.


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It is not advisable to increase the intake of Tropical Punch, as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the gums.


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