Kushy Punch – Sativa (Strawberry) 100mg


KushyPunch’s 100mg Sativa 100mg gum is enriched with all the goodness that the Sativa strain has to offer. It is perfect for those looking to have an extra kick of energy to increase the productivity and creativity level during the day, or to alleviate pain and stress.

These edibles are free from GMO, peanuts, dairy, gluten and fat products. They are also low in sugar and calorie as natural colors and flavors are used.

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Kushy Punch – Sativa

Kushy Punch is already gaining its popularity among the cannabis users, especially at California. Its Sativa flavor is highly sought after as it kicks in a great sense of relieve to its users. The sweet and succulent strawberry flavor is easily distinguishable from the other edible gums. Kushy Punch uses the full-spectrum oil technology that delivers every gum with the highest level of purity. It has been the choice of those wanting a kick of energy into their day.


The Kushy Punch has 10mg THC and 0.1mg CBD for every gum. Sativa strain provides an energizing experience to the users. Fans love this flavor as it makes them happy and energetic throughout the day. Uses also benefit from an increased level of creativity as well as productivity at work. Users also prefer to chew this gum during parties as it keeps them active and lively. This is because the effects of the gums quickly kick in. It gives them giggles and giddiness through the night. The hand-made gums are free from artificial products. Only organic sweetener is added during the production.

Medicinal Benefits

The products of Kushy Punch are slowly being used at the Californian hospitals. The gums do not just provide recreational benefits but also greatly helps patients. Medicines from cannabis Sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC content. There are some general effects that can be benefited by patients. This is because the gums can reduce pain, anxiety and mild stress. Patients can simply chew the gums to have their pain reduced quickly. It is also often used to uplift the mood of users and works great during the day.


Some new users may encounter panic attacks and anxiety when consuming the edibles of this flavor. It is recommended to avoid increasing the intake if you have low tolerance to THC. It is best to give a time frame of 2 hours before adding the intake.


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