Lemon Sour Belts 100mg THC


The Lemon Sour Belts 100 mg THC are labs-tested high-quality gummies for both recreational and medicinal usage. The edibles come in 100mg per serving, which best fits the new users. The amazing flavor of lemon coupled with the head-high effect of the Sativa-dominant strain would certainly enrich your day with vibrant energy and uplifting mood.

Sativa plants produce cannabis medicines and products that have high THC content. THC is a strain that is responsible to produce the highly-relaxing and energetic effect in users. The products using sativa strains, especially the edibles come with numerous flavors and THC content. One such flavors is the lemon sour belts. The edible of this flavor has 100 mg THC. It has quickly become the favorite flavor among users for its sweet and sour taste.


Users can take half of the portion from the lemon sour gums. Based on their needs, the intake can be progressively increased every 30 minutes once. The THC content in the gums are often used by recreational users when they are on a holiday. It also works as an energy booster for a busy day requiring both productivity and creativity. This is made possible as the gums increase the users brain activity and uplifts their mood to work better. It also works for those who are stuck with mundane routines like house cleaning. It helps users to stay active during the day or a little late into the night. When taken in the evening, it could be boosting your energy level for a party night.

Medicinal Benefits

The edibles of lemon sour gums are known to be an excellent medicine for patients. The THC do not just have recreational properties, but they have medicinal benefits as well. The mild THC content in these edibles can reduce pain and also mild stress. Some users have reported to use these edibles to reduce anxiety and stress, helping them to relax. In addition, users who have troubles with eating habits can consume this to improve their appetite.


The edible of this flavor has some negative effects. If the gums make you feel paranoid, stop the intake immediately.





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