Plastic Cartridge – Jack Herer 1ml

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  • 1ml  510-threaded pre-filled Cartridge
  • Disposable
  • 100% Solvent-free distillate
  • Cannabis derived terpene

Jack Herer Cartridge

Pear Herer was blended with Jack Herer terpenes and all natural flavour to create this award-winning flavour. Known to give energy and a strong sativa hybrid effect. This is great for daytime activities. This profiled blend gives relief to pain, nausea, appetite and stress. Pear Herer has been reported by patients to help with creativity, happiness and uplifting moods.

1 review for Plastic Cartridge – Jack Herer 1ml

  1. Ken Hunter

    Ken Hunter (verified owner)

    a cartridge of this appeared, so I cleared my palate (until Morning) and vaped nothing else all day. I found my mind and mental faculties enhanced, with only a little body involvement. That night, at a party, I conversed with a newbie couple here in SF, and taught them what’s what, and where to get it. This is a mind expander, not a couch glue. Perfect for parties.

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