Cartridge – Tangie 1ml


A fabulous strain founded by DNA Genetics, Tangie has quickly become famous for its tangerine refreshing aroma that provides a relaxing effect to your body after a tiring day at work. The cross between Orange and a Skunk hybrid that has a citrus heritage gives a kick of euphoria and induce creativity among users.

  • 1ml  510-threaded pre-filled Cartridge
  • Disposable
  • 100% Solvent-free distillate
  • Cannabis derived terpene
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Tangie Cartridge

Tangie Sativa

Tangie is a strain that originates from the Amsterdam. It is very closely related to the famous Tangerine Dream in the 1990s. It is commonly used for anxiety, pain and as a treatment for nausea. Its parent strains are Skunk and California Orange. It also has a remarkable history of winning ten prizes within a span of ten months in Canabbis Cup. It has a sweet aroma like tangerines. However, it also has the Skunk aroma, which sets it apart from other citrusy strains. It is widely available in West Coast, Arizona, and Colorado.


Tangie has a THC level that ranges from 19 to 22 percent. Whereas, its CBD level low, around 0.09 percent. It has three distinct flavors, which are Citrus, Orange and Sweet. The plant has compact and small light green buds with orange hairs. It grows quite tall, and hence is suitable to be grown outdoor. It is also heavily influenced by sativa since it has 70% sativa content. Therefore, it is recommended for seasonal users. It gives users the heavy uplifting effect for recreation use. Considering that the THC is low, it can be taken in the afternoon as it makes the users feel creative and focused. It is commonly used to treat nausea, anxiety and pain.

Medicinal benefits

Since it has a balanced characteristic, it is useful for medication purpose. Its sedative properties help to ease pain and alleviates stress and depression. It can also be a good cure for those suffering from insomnia. Some users found that it is useful to treat nausea, digestive issues and the lack of appetite. Since this strain has almost zero content of CBD, choosing a CBD-rich strain works for severe medical treatment.


Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are the notable side effect of Tangie. Some users may also experience brief anxiety.


Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are the notable side effect of Tangie. Some users may also experience brief anxiety.


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