Mabel & Co. Raspberry Rings 300mg THC


Raspberry Rings 100mg THC has a combination of the sweet and tart flavors of both raspberry and blueberry in every gum. These edibles that are rich in fruity flavors are infused with 10mg THC every serving. New users of cannabis products will find these gums delicious as it has a higher THC content. Nevertheless, the head-high effect lasts long to give a pleasurable experience.

Start chewing the gums in small portion and increase the dosage as needed, in small portions as well.

Raspberry Rings 100 mg THC

The new users of cannabis are often confused when first trying out cannabis products in the market. Raspberry Rings 100 mg THC is a perfect choice for users wanting to try THC products. This gum is a Sativa-dominant strain. However, it contains a lower amount of THC, which serves best for new users of cannabis gums. These edibles are also heavily infused with blueberry flavor, giving it a sweet and tart taste.


Since the amount of THC is lower in this edible product, users can take half of the serving first. If they need to increase the intake, this can be done by adding small portions progressively. Sativa plants have a higher THC content. It results in the user feeling very energetic and productive. New users who tried this edible product have been reported to feel productive at work and also creative. This edible gum stimulates the mind to focus on a given task better. It is good for both recreational and medicinal use. Light activities like cleaning the house and running errands can be made exciting when consuming this gum. Raspberry Rings are known to improve the mood by giving an uplifting spirit. When taken in the evening, it could be boosting your energy level for a party night.

Medicinal Benefits

The edibles of this flavor do not only have a recreational purpose, but they also serve patients as part of their treatment. The mild THC content in this edible product can ease mild stress and pain. It also assists in easing anxiety and stress, helping the users to relax. On the other hand, those suffering from eating disorders can improve their appetite by consuming Raspberry Rings.


New users should consume these gums with caution. If the gums make you feel paranoid, stop the intake immediately.





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