Snickerdoodle 100mg THC


Snickerdoodle Cookies are the soft chewy cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar. The delicious cookies contain 100mg of THC that eases your body pain, reduces anxiety and increase productivity and creativity through the healing properties of cannabis, with a dash of love.

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Snickerdoodle 100 g THC

Snickerdoodle 100 g THC is a cookie infused with THC and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. The cookies come in the size of a DVD. Just like any other edible THC product, these cookies contain the Sativa-dominant strain. It is not only good for recreational purpose but also have various benefits for patients. What is best about the THC-infused cookies is that you can have them as snack. They fill your stomach while the head-high effect setting in, making your day even better.


The majority of Snickerdoodle cookie lovers use them for recreational purpose to relax while hitting the beach. The cookies come in handy for those wanting to have an energetic night out with their friends. The other major use of the cookies is a source of creativity buster. Working adults required to be creative and also productive at work often benefit from these cookies. They are reported to be more efficient when consuming these cookies. This is because the THC in it stimulates the brain function. Homemakers who are trapped in a mundane routine also use this product. It will make them feel energetic when carrying out house chores.

Medicinal Benefits

Although these cookies look like a tea-time snack, they are good enough to make your pain go away. Within half an hour of consuming the cookies, one can feel their mild pain reducing. It also helps in easing anxiety and stress. Patients in the Californian hospitals are now benefitting from these cookies as they easily reduce aches. Those with eating disorders have been able to eat better with improved appetite.


Users can have several negative effects due to the consumption of the Snickerdoodle cookies. Paranoia is one of the effects. Therefore, new users should consume the cookies intermittently to gauge their body’s tolerance level towards THC.





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