Stoner Patch Watermelon 500mg


Stoner Patch – Watermelon 500mg gum offers all the amazing effects the Indica strain has to offer. It is the number one choice for recreational users who would like to hit the couch and doze off while watching movies, and for patients who want to lessen chronic pain.

The gums are free from GMO, peanuts, dairy, gluten and fat products. As natural colors and flavors are used, this gum is low in sugar and calorie.

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Stoner Patch Watermelon

The Watermelon edibles come in three flavors and the Watermelon flavor is one of them, which is the choice of cannabis lovers who are looking to have a relaxed day. These edibles are initially opposed by medical practitioners. But it is now being used by some patients in the California state. This is a notable impact from the company’s effort to produce gums that have a high level of purity. It serves as an excellent choice for both recreational and medicinal benefits.


The Watermelon has 500mg THC and 0.1mg CBD for every serving. The Watermelon gummy provides a more relaxing effect as compared to the Sativa strain that keeps the users awake and energetic. As for recreational use, many users love this flavor as it helps them have a relaxed weekend or night, especially after a busy work schedule. It also helps those with sleeping difficulties to have a peaceful deep sleep at night. One of the concerns of patients would be the level of sugar that contains in these gums. Taking this into consideration, the company has implemented the use of organic colors and flavors. The three-step oil filtering process also ensures that every gum produced is of the highest purity.

Medicinal Benefits

Whereas, the Indica strain helps patients to combat chronic pain and also have a relaxed sleep. This is especially true for those suffering from sleeping disorders. The gums produced are of the highest purity. Therefore, users can feel the body-high strain hitting them as soon as they start chewing it. This is because gums made from this strain have higher CBD and lower THC counts. It also increases appetite and decreases nausea, and in general, it is recommended for night use.


The gums of Indica flavor can induce sleep for the first-time users. Therefore, it is not recommended for users to increase the intake immediately after starting to use the gums, especially if one needs to be awake or drive vehicles.


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