Watermelon Lemonade (210 mg)


The highly purified THC that has a total cannabinoid potency of 90% or higher ensures you a pleasant experience when consuming the watermelon lemonade gums. Our top-grade THC gums are made by professional chefs certified in the infused-edible making, providing you THC-rich gums.

Start chewing the gums in small portion and increase the dosage as needed, in small portions as well.

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Watermelon Lemonade 210mg

The watermelon lemonade edibles are made of high-grade THC. It is one of the edible flavors that are most commonly used by heavy cannabis users. The production of these edibles is using highly qualified professional chefs who are certified in the infused-edible making. The 3-step oil purification technology ensures that every gum has the highest purity of oil. It guarantees you immense pleasure when using the edibles.


Users are advised to chew one third or half of the gum first. After about 45 minutes, if they need to increase the intake, they can do so by adding the intake in small portion. Sativa strains are known to have higher THC strain as compared to the Indica strain, which has a higher CBD content. Cannabis medicines and edibles made from the sativa plants are known to produce an uplifting effect. It provides the users’ energy to perform activities that require physical strength. These edibles are good for recreational holidays or party nights. The watermelon lemonade edibles are what one needs to keep them excited all day long. Users of this edible are also hardworking individuals and creative workers. They consume this to increase the creativity level and improve their focus at work.

Medicinal Benefits

It has been noted the edibles of this flavor help medical patients greatly helps them in many ways. One of the most notable uses is its ability to reduce the level of anxiety. Patients who suffer from mild stress can turn to this edible as it helps them to feel more relaxed. Whereas, those who are suffering from the lack of appetite can also benefit from the watermelon lemonade edible. It greatly improves their appetite and eating habit, which promotes their health rather quickly.


New users should consume these gums with caution. If the gums make you feel paranoid, stop the intake immediately.





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